Henry 2k-3

Just started this project.  During the Spring 2010 Belton Hamfest, Jake KB5VTA brought a broken 2k-3 console amp from North Texas.  After spending a day troubleshooting it, I found a shorted plate transformer and about a million other things wrong.  Cost to replace the 3500v plate and Choke Input made it prohibitive to do.  I bought the amp from Jake and have finally decided on how I am going to re-work it.

Step 1 make a plan -Done!

Step 2 Gather parts -Mostly Done

Step 3 - Get busy, which is where I am at now.

I am going to make a modern, state of the art amplifier based on the GS-35B tube.  It will have a digital control board (probably a triode board from Ian).  SoftStart, Grid and HV protected, Fault lines everywhere for every condition and plenty of metering. 

4000v on the plate, Filter Capacitor instead of Choke input.  Vacuum relays,  Of course I will re-paint, and do another custom screen-print job.

So here we go.

Contact: N5OU